Mother Chases Away Criminal from Her home.


Tucson DGUAt around 7 p.m. Super Bowl Sunday, a woman needed her firearm to chase away a man from her home who was fleeing from police in Tempe AZ.

According to police, they’d responded to a call by a different woman in the area that she had come home and,

“Discovered a pair of shoes inside that were not there before,” said the police report.

The homeowner immediately went outside and dialed 911 to report a possible intruder.

That’s when police say Anthony Chambers, the man lurking in her home, approached her and advised it would not be a good idea for her to contact the authorities.

Before police could arrive however, Chambers took off running barefoot and jumped a wall into property of The Standard Apartment Homes.

The mother of two, who did not want to be identified, told ABC15 she was just locking the front door after her boyfriend had left when Chambers forced his way in.

“A guy (Chambers) walks in and is telling me to be quiet, be quiet. He says ‘pretend I’m your boyfriend,’” said the mother.

The mother, obviously concerned about the unfamiliar man in her home, went and armed herself.

“I asked him to wait in the living room because my first instinct was to go grab my gun, because I just need to protect everyone else. I hid it behind my pants,” she recalled.

Now armed with a pistol her father had taught her to use, she tried again to get 27-year-old Chambers to leave on his own.

“I’m trying to calm him down, see if I can get him help,” she said.

Saying he was being chased, he asked the mother for a knife, but that was the last straw for the protective mother.

“I refused to give him a knife because I’m like that could just lead to a totally terrible situation,” she said. “Eventually I got my phone and…I dial the police up. He snatches the phone out of my hand, and that’s when I decide, I can’t do this, and I pull my gun out. I have it aimed at him, and I make sure he standing towards the door, yelling at him, ‘You need to get out!’ It was either me or him, and I had two kids. There was no way I was going to let them get hurt,” the mother said. “

Tempe Police where already searching the area for Chambers and responded immediately when the mother called them for help with Chambers.

When he fled the home of the armed woman, police where waiting for him.

When he refused to comply with officer commands, they let K-9 officer “Chase” go. Officer Chase attacked Chambers, latching on to his left arm. Chambers repeatedly beat the dogs head with his right fist, injuring the animal.

During the ensuing struggle, one officer suffered a bloody nose, and another a leg injury, and a $100 radio was destroyed.

“He was really fighting; I heard him yelling and cussing out the officers. Practically begging them to shoot him,” said the mother.

Eventually, he was subdued and transported to the hospital to be treated for his bites and other injuries suffered during the fight with police.

Chambers is charged with two counts of aggravated assault on an officer, three counts of kidnapping, harming a service animal, and five other felonies.

Most people do not carry their firearms at home, only strapping them on when leaving the house if they remember at all. But many times, crime finds us where we live.

Fortunately, Chambers allowed the mother out of his sight long enough for her to arm herself. But it is easy to imagine just the opposite. As paranoid as it may seem, this encounter shows carrying your weapon at home might be a good idea.

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I know you are wondering because I am too, but there is no word yet of Officer Chase’s condition after being injured by Chambers.

What do you think of this brave mother protecting her children? Leave a comment below to let me know.

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