Two Women Attacked by Pack of Pit Bulls Rescued

Two women from Cordes Lake were rescued by their neighbors from three pit bulls who attacked them Sunday morning, according to the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office (YSCO). The two women, ages 57 and 61, were returning to their home on the 15000 block of S. Black Mountain Rd. when they discovered three adult pit bulls…

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Mother Chases Away Criminal from Her home.

Tucson DGU

  At around 7 p.m. Super Bowl Sunday, a woman needed her firearm to chase away a man from her home who was fleeing from police in Tempe AZ. According to police, they’d responded to a call by a different woman in the area that she had come home and, “Discovered a pair of shoes…

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Be Sure of Your Target – America’s Triple S Disease

Perhaps it is due to the TV and movies we watch but there seems to be a sick and sad tendency for American gun owners to shoot at Shapes, Shadows, and Sounds. I’ve even heard other instructors tell their students to “Shoot first and ask questions later.” When we imagine a “bad guy/gal” in our homes we…

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