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Tucson Woman Dispatches Hatchet Wielding Attacker

Tucson DGU

There’s an old adage goes “Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight”. Well, a Tucson criminal thought that he could scoot around the old saying by bringing a hatchet instead, but even though the weapon was different than the saying the result had a very similar moral.

This incident occurred last Friday night in a South Side Tucson store parking lot located in the 4400 block of south 6th Avenue, at around 8:30 PM.

According to police reports, a woman had just exited the store and had gotten into her car when she was suddenly confronted by a man wielding a hatchet. The man stopped the woman from closing her driver’s side door and demanded that the woman hand over her car keys. It was at this point that she noticed that this man was holding a hatchet in his hand and she knew the situation was serious.

Little did the criminal know, however, that the situation was even more dire for him, as the woman in the car managed to retrieve a concealed handgun.

The woman then pointed the handgun at the criminal and demanded that he leave. At that point, the robber did not comply and instead raised his hatchet with violent intent. It was then that the woman made the call to shoot the man. The shot struck true and the criminal crumpled to the ground.

The woman managed to stay with the would-be thief until police arrived a few minutes later.

The criminal was taken to a local hospital where he will have his injuries treated before being sent to jail for his crime. The woman does not have any charges against her as of the writing of this article for the shot she fired.

What do you think of this story? Do you have a plan to defend yourself in a vehicle if the situation arises? Let us know in the comments below.

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