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Avondale Woman Averts Assault by Turning Boyfriend’s Gun Against Him

Avondale Arizona DGU

News is now being released of an Avondale woman who escaped a hellish ordeal thrust upon her by a man she once loved. And if it wasn’t for her quick thinking and never-say-die attitude we may never have heard her story at all.

According to police reports, the woman, whose name has not yet been released for safety reasons was kidnapped by her 24-year-old boyfriend, Jose Adrian Quintana after Quintana choked and hit the woman with a handgun of his. Quintana then used that handgun as a threat, in order to force the woman to drive him around Avondale and Phoenix.

It was at that point that Quintana seemed to have second thoughts about the sickening act he was committing because the woman was found back at home packing up her stuff in an attempt to head to her mother’s home for a few days, but soon Quintana made it clear that he was not going to let the woman go.

Following her grabbing her stuff the man, with the gun in hand, forced the woman back into the car and was planning to kidnap her yet again, but this time the woman saw an opening when Quintana had put his gun away. She knew that she could grab it and gain the upper hand, and according to court testimony that is exactly what she did, turning the tables on him.

Now Quintana showed what a true coward he was. After his gun was taken, he ran out of the car and attempted to escape. Before he could, though, the woman shot at him three times, hitting Quintana twice in the leg.

These injuries made it so that Quintana did not get very far before police arrived on the scene and arrested him.

Quintana is now facing multiple charges including aggravated assault, kidnapping, possession of a weapon by a prohibited person and criminal damage.

Luckily for the woman, she is safe and sound at the moment and no doubt wants to put this ordeal behind her.

If this story isn’t proof of it being the person behind the trigger and not the gun itself that is bad, I don’t know what is, but still, we would like to know if you feel the same way. Do you think the woman would have survived this incident without the help of the firearm? Let us know in the comments below.


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