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Tucson Ends Seized Gun Destruction Policy, Will Auction Firearms From Now On

Arizona Seized Firearms

It may have gone kicking and screaming, but Tucson authorities will finally adhere to Arizona state law and no longer destroy any guns it seizes from criminals.

Tucson has gotten a lot of media attention for its brutal method of dealing with firearms it retrieved in recent years. In fact, since 2013 the Tucson Police Department destroyed 4,820 guns worth approximately $600,000 and instead of acting like a normal city’s police department and auctioning off retrieved items to the community with funds going to the department or the city, Tucson took a hard-line stance that they would deny the money because they wanted to destroy the guns.

But now, faced with being denied $57 million in state funds due to Tucson’s defying of the Arizona State Supreme Court’s ruling that the practice was deemed against state law, Tucson decided that the time was right to comply with the ruling.

Now, as opposed to the destruction of the firearms, the city will begin auctioning off the guns to those with federal firearms licenses, such as local gun stores. A percent of the funds received by the city in these auctions will return directly to the city of Tucson. In fact, City Attorney Mike Rankin stated that he believed Tucson itself will begin bringing in $100,000 per year off of these auctions.

So hopefully you will be seeing the results of these auctions very shortly. And how much better can it be knowing that you could be helping the city by purchasing at a local gun store? I think that is a version of socialism we can get behind. Take from the criminals, give to the good guys, and fund some local Tucson infrastructure.

What do you think of this story? Will it make you more likely to purchase a firearm at a local gun store? Let us know in the comments below.


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