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Governor Ducey Says No to Smart Guns

On Tuesday, Governor Doug Ducey signed a bill aimed to prohibit firearm tracking using blockchain and other technologies. Thereby blocking the possibility of “Smart guns” to take over the Copper State.

Filed by an Arizona state representative Paul Boyer in January this year, House Bill 2216 seeks to prohibit anyone from using blockchain or distributed ledger technology (DLT) to track any identifiable information on firearms. Law enforcement and other entities are, however, exempted.

The bill covers potential technologies that can be used for gun-tracking under the term “electronic firearm tracking technology”, and explains:

“For the purposes of this section, ‘Electronic Firearm Tracking Technology’ means a platform, system or group of systems or devices that uses a shared ledger, distributed ledger or block chain technology or similar form of technology or electronic database for the purpose of storing information in a decentralized or centralized way, that is not owned or controlled by any single person or entity and that is used to locate or control the use of a firearm.”

According to public records, the senate passed the bill earlier this month by 17-12 vote. Earlier this week, the State House gave the measure its nod with 34-24 vote. Thereafter, the bill was sent to Governor Ducey, who signed it into law.

Are you happy to know that your Governor agrees with the fact that just because you are a gun owner, you don’t need to be tracked? Or do you think that a background check such as “Smart Guns” would bring about would be a good addition to the state? Let us know in the comment section below.

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One Response to Governor Ducey Says No to Smart Guns

  1. Chad Smith May 11, 2018 at 1:51 pm #

    Kudos to our Governor and our legislators for protecting our 2nd amendment. If you like strict gun control move to California, I’m sure you’ll like their low crime rate, high taxes and high cost of living among other high quality life amenities.

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