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Peoria Concealed Carry Class December 15th 2018


Get your Arizona Concealed Carry permit so you don’t have to deal with the restrictions of permit-less carry anymore AND you can carry concealed in 30+ states that recognize the AZ permit! Start with this required class and we’ll help you through the whole process!

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About the Arizona CCW Class:

This course meets all the requirements by Arizona state to qualify you to apply for the State Arizona Concealed Carry Permit. Students will receive the signed application from the instructor at the end of the class. Class content includes:

  • Student Handbook with Arizona Revised Statutes
  • Firearm Safety Rules and Overview
  • Safety Concerns with children
  • Handgun Basics and Mechanics
  • Malfunction clearing and firearm maintenance
  • Firearm Accessories
  • Firearm and Ammunition Storage and Care
  • Concealment Techniques and Concealed Carry Lifestyle
  • Arizona Gun Ownership Law
  • Arizona Concealed Carry Laws
  • Arizona Justifiable / Deadly Force Law
  • Information about reciprocity and interstate travel

*Military and Veteran discount available for those actively serving or honorably discharged from the US Military. Please contact us via phone or email to receive your military discount.

*If you have any special needs please contact the instructor to make arrangements in advance so we can be sure to accommodate you.

About the Concealed Carry Instructor:

Cyndee Harding is the owner and designer of Cyndee’s Conceal Carry Purses and the creator of Stay SAFE (Situational Awareness For Everyone) Programs. She has had her Conceal Carry Weapon permit for over 10 years and is a NRA certified pistol instructor and In-home Personal Protection specialist. Learn more about Cyndee on her profile.

How Do You Register For the Class:

We require pre-registration for our classes. Please click the add to cart button above to make your payment or call us to register over the phone.

Where is the Class Located:

Because we require pre-registration for the class we do not include the exact class location on this public part of the site. After registering you will receive the address and other class information here on the site and it will be sent to you via email within 5 minutes. For planning purposes the class location is off Agua Fria Fwy (Hwy 101) and just south of Bell Rd in Peoria.

How Do I Apply After the Class?

After the class you will walk out with the state application filled out and signed by the instructor. From there you just need to obtain a set of fingerprints from your police department or county (or for $30 we can provide them in the class) and then mail it all in to the State. Don’t worry we’ll give you detailed instructions and set you up before you leave the class.

Enroll Now!

Enroll Now!